Don’t Eat Those Berries

Since early fall of 2010 I have been turning my attention to photography after not having held an SLR in my hand since roughly 1983. I took many of my earliest pictures with a Nikon Coolpix 110 point and shoot, including this photo.

The Nikon is actually a pretty good camera. Photographs tend to come out a little muddy but they are generally sharp and minor tweaking with photo editing software can brighten them up pretty easily. It also has surprisingly good macro capabilities, which is what I was experimenting with when I took these pictures of some colorful berries at Dudgeon just north of the small town where I live.

I had been using this camera for only a couple of times when I got this picture. My sister Jane named it, although she doesn’t know that.

What’s good: The color and clarity

What’s bad: It doesn’t really have much to say. It’s just a study in color, really. Composition could be improved.

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