Morning Sweetness

Just a bit of silliness I did this morning. Was in the mood for a hot drink given it’s -8º outside and 61º inside, but I wasn’t in the mood for coffee (at least not yet, the pot still may brew). I was also in the mood to take a natural lighting, indoor picture using a tripod given to me on indefinite load by my good friend Jay Lash.

I experimented with several different settings on my Canon Rebel XS to just the differences. None really captured both the swirly details in the whipped cream as well as the details on the black cup, so I finally settled on a shot at f/5.6 at 0.6 exposure, ISO 100 and magically added some exposure time with Adobe Lightroom. Focal length on the shot is 39 mm

What’s good: Sharpness, depth of field is fun

What’s bad: Background is cluttered and distracts; needs a second, very soft light source I think to make the lettering on the mug pop.

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