The Ice Queen’s Teeth

This is one of my personal favorites. It was one of the first photos taken with my Canon EOS Rebel XS, and so far my best effort with the 75-300 mm lens I got with it.

This was taken December 18 at the Dudgeon area, and is one of many I lost in a software accident (don’t necessarily believe software when it says it is completely non-destructive). I happened to have this particular photo copied to a different location, although only the JPG version of it. The RAW image is sadly lost forever.

This was my first experience at trying to shoot in snow, and I was uncertain how to compensate for the overwhelming brightness. However I fiddled with a few settings and either some old knowledge came back to me or I got very lucky. This particular photograph needed very little enhancing with software. I brightened the blues in the water a touch, and whitened the icicles, but otherwise it came out of the camera very much as you see it here.

In all, not a bad image considering it was the first time I’d used the Canon, a telephoto lens, or shooting in snow.

Technical Details: f/5.6, exp 1/1600, ISO 200, focal length 300 mm

What’s good: Composition; contrast; interesting to look at

What’s bad: Was never able to get quite what I wanted from the icicles. I was hoping they would absolutely sparkle; it is very slightly out of focus, though at the size printed above it’s not terribly obvious. I was holding the camera badly tilted, which meant that the photo could have been framed slightly better if I had not had to straighten it in post-processing.

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