Fire Snow

This is something I took outside my back door tonight. I had to do very little tweaking to this one in post-processing to get this appearance, which tells me I might be getting better at actually using the camera

The city lights are generally reddish in hue, and on an overcast, slightly hazy night like tonight the effect can be quite startling, although a longer exposure time greatly enhances the colors. The hardest part was just getting the focus correct, and I think I managed it pretty closely.

Technical Details: f/4.5, exp. 15 seconds, ISO 100, focal length 18 mm

What’s Good: Color; composition is about the best I could expect having traveled no further than three feet out the back door

What’s Bad: For some reason I’m not happy with the color of the snow in the foreground, my mind tells me it should less orange. But perhaps I would feel differently if I actually saw it whiter.

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