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Nope, no tips and tricks here. Instead, a plea for gathering tips and tricks.

Above are smaller versions of the Fire Snow picture that I posted last night. The upper right version is what I originally posted, while the others are variations that are fairly good attempts to illustrate how I’ve already seen the picture displayed on other computer screens.

The upper right version is what I saw on my Windows Mobile phone, although I cheated a bit because I did not reduce it to 16 bit color. But that’s not the point I’m trying to make. Lower left version is what I see on my CRT monitor (yes I still have one, as my second monitor). And the lower right one, which I think is worst of all (bit depth aside) is what I saw on my wife’s iPod Touch.

This raises the important question, of course, as to whether the settings on my own LCD monitor are what they should be. The settings please me of course, but are they the recommended settings one should keep in mind when calibrating your monitor so that it is a faithful reproduction of what will be printed? To date it hasn’t been an issue because i haven’t printed any of my pictures, but that doesn’t mean I won’t want to in the future.

So here’s a plea for tips from more experienced users than I: How does one go about calibrating their monitor for optimal, faithful display?

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