Men of the House

My niece and her husband are two beautiful people, so it’s no surprise they have a beautiful boy. Like his parents, he is energetic and happy, and hard to pin down in a photograph.

This young man nearly always has a broad smile on his face and I was able to capture this father/son moment shortly after the holidays. I like the genuine expressions on their faces and is about as close as I am likely to come to producing a good posed shot that I am proud of.

I took a series of pictures this day indoors and learned that I need to be careful using a flash, especially when I don’t have a real diffuser. At times I try holding a tissue over the flash unit, but I find that darkens things than I want and my Canon XS has difficulty compensating for  the lowered expected light. Practice practice practice is the answer to this one for now, as a better flash and diffuser are not likely to be forthcoming any time soon.

I was particularly pleased with the sharpness of this picture given I was positioned awkwardly, had no steady mount for the camera, and the exposure time was pretty slow.

Technical Details: f/5.16; 1/15 exposure; ISO 800, 39 mm focal length

What’s Good: Expression, the genuineness of the expression. I feel like I captured a bit of true personality in both subjects.

What’s Bad: Because the shooting position was awkward, I was holding the camera at a fairly severe angle, so some of the detail was lost while straightening it. The window behind is too hot.

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