Quiet Christmas

Quiet Christmas

f/4.5; 1/15 exposure; ISO 400; 18mm focal length

This is a photo I took about a week after getting my Canon XS. Obviously I was in a dimly-lit room. The mood and setting did not lend itself to a flash, so I did my best with a 5.6 lens and a really slow shutter speed, desperately trying to keep my aging hands still while my knees protested at being crouched down on the floor.

To get something worth showing, I had to tweak quite a bit in Lightroom, though in the end not as much as I’d feared. I had to lighten it up a great deal, of course, and then soften out the noise as best I could. I was able to make the tree pop and I was pleased with the results.

What’s Good: Room lighting sets an inviting mood. I’m going to say sharpness is good, given the circumstances. I didn’t have a tripod yet so there was no question that such a picture could be taken without camera movement, but I think  it was minimized well.

What’s Bad: The camera is crooked and I was not able to straighten the image satisfactorily. Even as it is, the top of the tree is just barely cut off. Composition isn’t all that great, as there is clearly an off-camera focus that the subjects are engaged with, but which is not seen, leaving the viewer feeling left out.

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  1. Jane February 5, 2011 at 6:03 am #

    I like the soft, amber tone in this one.

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