Eagle Eye

Eagle Eye

f/8; 1/500 exposure; ISO 400; 300mm focal length

I don’t think I’d say that bald eagles are necessarily shy, but they certainly seem to be isolationists. I came upon four of them today as I went out and about looking for a picture to make. I can’t say that I was terribly pleased with anything I captured today, but I got three or four that I’m not embarrassed to put on the web.

The reasons for my dissatisfaction are that the sun never really came out from behind the clouds. At best daylight peered through light cloud cover with a sort of watery drabness that didn’t lend itself well to photography,  or at least an inexperienced photographer. Or perhaps merely to the kind of photographs I was trying to take. Also, the eagles stayed well enough clear of me that I had to use extreme magnification, and though I had the foresight to bring along my tripod, this shot is about as sharp as I got. Since the tripod made is reasonably certain that the camera was steady, it is clear that I wasn’t able to get the correct focus at that extreme range. I tried both autofocus and manual, but this is about as good as it got.

Also, it doesn’t help that I completely forgot to check the ISO setting, which was set at 400 for some indoor shots I’d taken a couple of days before.

In this photo I used Lightroom to bring out some color (again, the natural colors were a watery grey for the most part) and to make the foreground pop. This was achieved at the expense of detail where the branches are against the sky. However, I think there is a sense of depth to the photograph that I am pleased with.

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