Gibbous Waxing

Gibbous Waxing

f/5.6; 1/40; ISO 100; 300mm

For the first time I pointed my camera at the sky tonight. It was just a lark, really. I have no idea what I’m doing shooting the sky. Just tried some different settings.

I have to say there is almost nothing about this that I’m pleased with. It’s out of focus and, let’s face it, it’s not exactly an original idea. What you see bears almost no resemblance to what actually came out of the camera. Heavy post processing was required to achieve the meager clarity you see. However, I am more inclined to blame the poor results on spontaneity rather than ability. That is, 10 minutes prior to snapping the shutter I’d had no thought of actually trying this picture. I set up the tripod and quickly discovered that the moon was so high in the sky that I couldn’t properly see through the shutter to focus or even compose.  I had to almost lie down in wet snow to see through the shutter at all, I had to adjust two legs of the tripod so low that it wouldn’t stand up by itself, and framing and focusing was nearly impossible.

Had I thought to try the picture two hours earlier I suspect I would have achieved much more satisfactory results. As it is, the most memorable part of this experience is a sore neck from trying to twist my eye up to the viewfinder.

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