Streetlight Of The Gods

Moon Over Vinton

f/4 2" ISO-100 75mm

So when I’m driving through town sublimely heading to a country park, where there would be no ambient light so that my pictures of the moonrise would be as good as they could be, I come to an intersection and see the moon far above the horizon already.

Thinking quickly, I parked the car and did what any self-respecting photographer would do: I set up the tripod in the middle of the street, framed the moon in the viewfinder, and waited for the traffic to go away.

Given the improvisational nature of this shot, I have to say I’m pleased with several elements of it. Again the tint of the city’s streetlights provided a dramatic cast to an otherwise uninspired scene. I also think I was somewhat successful at framing the shot so that the moon is exactly the same size as the foreground streetlights. The nit I would pick with this is that I misjudged the timing of the shot and the moon itself is probably within 5 minutes of being exactly the same elevation as the streetlights, which I think would have added the final touch of perfection to a decent shot.

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