First Signs

First Signs

f/7.1, 1/125, ISO 100, 155 mm

It was kind of a rough day out on the photo trail this morning. Spent a couple of hours out there when I pointed the lens in a specific direction and realized there was horrible dust on the lens. I sat down to clean it off with my micro fiber cloth and realized at least some of it was on the haze filter, and went about cleaning that off. Apparently a micro fiber cloth is not the correct thing to clean a filter with, because now it’s horribly smudged and scratched. sigh.

When I got home and uploaded the pictures to my computer, I found that almost all of them were useless. The white balance is off or something. I just got the camera back from th repair center (problem with the SD card eject mechanism) and all of the settings had been moved back to default, but I can’t imagine what setting caused all of my pictures to be so horribly contrast-y. Further, I found that most everything I took with my 75-300 zoom had terrible camera movement even though the shutter speed on most was fairly high.

Many of the pictures I had the most hope for had a big green blob right in the center of the image from dust (or a scratch in my haze filter could be the culprit too) and that coupled with the high contrast/white balance issues makes trying to tweak them into presentability an unlovely prospect.

But I did get one or two acceptable, if not outstanding shots. Above is one, showing the first early buds of spring. It is one of the few I took with the zoom that were not blurred.

Guess I’ll have to save up my pennies for a new haze filter. If anyone has any pointers for cleaning the things safely, I would really really appreciate a comment.

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