Something a little different. Our community theatre group produced a musical called 13 in August 2010 and I did the poster for it. It is based on the design for the Broadway poster, but I added a few effects to make it look more three dimensional and energetic. I also took all the photographs of the actors at the initial cast party in the director’s basement with my Nikon point and shoot.

Now I realize none of this is probably very interesting to many people, but taking these pictures was the first step toward bringing me back toward my photography roots, when I hadn’t attempted anything serious with a camera for 30 years, so this sort of started this whole photography blog thingy.

As a side note, it was my immense pleasure to act alongside the girl in the yellow dress in Bus Stop. She is a marvelous actress and already knows she wants to do it for a living. I wish I’d had such clarity at 13. I also had the pleasure of directing the girl in the Batman shirt in another play called Picnic, which turned out to be the community theatre’s best attended non-musical in years. Another extremely talented young lady. Both were a joy to work with. I think they believe I’m sorta weird though.

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  1. Secret ACT I patron April 27, 2011 at 7:38 pm #

    One of the finest posters for this play that I’ve seen. Vividly colorful, good composition. Handsome cast.

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