Fall Flower

Fall Flower

f/22, 1/60, ISO-200, 55mm

I think that f/22 is probably the smallest aperture I’ve ever taken a photo with that I’ve actually published. Someone will probably look through this blog and prove me wrong (I wish…this blog is not THAT well read!)

Anyway, this goes back to that sunny afternoon when I just wanted to play with camera settings, so I decided to see how small I could get with the f-stop. I wanted to see, in a macro sort of shot like this, how depth of field would be affected. Specifically I wanted to see how in-focus that red flower on the left would be. Obviously, not much.

I want to play more with these super-closed f-stops though. I am intrigued by the textures in the extreme background. It almost looks like camera movement, but given the sharpness of the foreground that doesn’t seem reasonable, so I can only attribute these artifacts to the camera settings.

As in yesterday’s photograph, the colors in this one are a bit muted. Again, I used a polarizing filter for this shot and I believe I had it twisted to too much effect. Contrast is just a bit too high and the greens in particular are too deep to offer a really striking photograph. The yellow seems off somehow too, but I haven’t put my finger on what it is yet. It’s bright and relatively vibrant, but perhaps the contrast with the shadows and darker elements is too pronounced. I need to try more photos like this but with the polarizer used to less effect.

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