Texture Study

Texture Study

f/36, 1/13, ISO-100, 55mm

Just something I got while playing around this afternoon. I noticed this on my desk with the afternoon sun hitting it, and decided to see if I could make something out of it. I was mostly successful, I think, as the textures are interesting to look at. I was just a smidge off on the focus though, and no matter what I did (autofocus or manual) I couldn’t get it quite as sharp as I wanted, even when throwing the f-stop to ridiculous levels to maximize the depth of field. Of course, it’s also true that the subject matter itself is not as sharply-defined as you might think it is. I have the advantage of knowing exactly what it is I took a picture of. Heh heh. Also, it might not be obvious at first glance that this is a color picture, and not converted to black and white.

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