f/3.5, 30", ISO-200, 18mm

I set a challenge for myself tonight to create at least one photo worth posting out of images I’d previously rejected during culling. Here’s the one I came up with. It was a test shot, really, from a couple of nights ago. I was trying to figure out camera settings for the real photographs I was about to take. I was excited about the picture when I saw it in the camera’s LCD screen, and figured there was enough of an image there that I could crop out my car (whom I have dubbed Trixie) later. What wasn’t clear in the LCD screen was how out of focus the image is, and I was initially really disappointed in this. On a second look though I’ve decided that if I reduce the image size enough that the lack of sharpness isn’t quite as distracting as when it is full-size, and I think the car actually makes this photo now. So here you go. My rejected photo project.

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