Eye Of The Projector

Eye Of The Projector

f/1.8, 1/50, ISO-800, 50mm

Obviously if one is going to do a photography project about a theatre, then one needs to take a photograph of the projector. This is a closeup of the rather massive lens that digital movies are shown through at the Palace Theatre. The projection booth is not a well-lit place, and it the lens is nudged up close to a pane of “perfect” glass that would take me several months of projectionist’s salary to pay for if I ever broke. Or scratched, for that matter. Still, I managed to fit my puny Canon just enough in front of the projector to get this shot. I also managed to keep the camera fairly steady despite the awkward position I had to bend my body into to get this shot. Keep in mind this is without a tripod, a fairly long exposure, and no image stabilizing lens.

I might wish that the image was less brown, and I actually fooled around with it a bit in black and white but was never satisfied with the level of detail that was lost when the color was taken away. Still, I think the sepia evokes a mood that is fitting.

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