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f/5.6, 1/80, ISO-400, 33mm

It seems like the world is always more interesting when viewed from really up close. If I had the money for another lens, I would almost certainly get a good macro. In the meantime, I’ll have to struggle along with my kit 18-55mm. But I don’t mind so much when it can take interesting shots like this. I have to keep reminding myself that almost anything I find on the ground can be a great picture.

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Playground Blues

Playground Blues

f/7.1, 1/160, ISO-200, 23mm

It’s that time of year when folks really seem to have had enough of the diversions that winter brings and just want warm weather back again. Playgrounds and parks seem to call to us in lonely isolation, and we look longingly back, dreaming of the days when we can gather for picnics and games of tag.

Although it’s been an unseasonably mild winter (I’ve only had to blow snow twice) it’s still been damp and chilly for much of the time, that crappy in-between weather where it’s too cold to do summer things and too warm to do winter things.

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Evergreen Frost

Everygreen Frost

f/7.1, 1/125, ISO-400, 50mm

I’ve always rather liked the apparent contradiction of white frost on green needles of evergreens. This morning we had a dense fog and 24 degrees F, which made for great conditions for taking frost photos. If you look back at some of the earliest posts of this blog, you’ll see my very first attempts at capturing frost, and that was a much more dramatic frost than this one. Looking back, this picture seems to me to be the clearest proof of how much I have improved as a photographer over the past year. I hope I can say I’ve improved as much again a year from now.

There wasn’t much in the way of post-processing on this image, though I did bring out the green, and muted the red/orange background at the top to black and white to make the green pop a little more.

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Reach Exceeds Grasp

Reach Exceeds Grasp

f/6.3, 1/100, ISO-100, 18mm

A windstorm and fire ravaged this once mighty grove of trees on the east side of town. I was struck at the image of this dead tree, frozen in time as if reaching for greater heights, but ultimately limited by, and succumbing to, greater forces. And the colors are nice, too.

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Lines In the Snow

Lines In The Snow

f/22, 1/60, ISO-100, 50mm

Another study in lines, I suppose. There were several things that intrigued me about this one. There’s the dichotomy of looking at shadows of many posts through just a few of the posts that are causing the shadows. There there’s the angle of the light/shadow Continue reading »

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