f/1.8, 1/800, ISO-800, 50mm

I don’t know what I was thinking when I shot this at 1.8. Probably that I wanted the background to be as blurry as possible. I also felt that if I got proper focus on the eyes then the shallow DOF would create a nice, glamorous skin softening effect.

Well, turns out it just looked blurry. Partly the issue is that I don’t seem to have achieved proper focus on her eyes to begin with. I also need to trust more that I have all the tools I need to achieve softening effect in post-processing, and I don’t need to obsess about them coming out of the camera a certain way. I smoothed the skin and added a warming filter to the lighting, and sharpened up her eyes and necklace. I did some additional blurring and darkening of the background as well.

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