Good Fit

Good Fit

f/9, 1/50, ISO-200, 50mm

OK, the last one in my series of this young couple (for awhile anyway). Although I loved how the color of her dress really popped in this setting, I decided to go for at least one black and white shot. I added some grain and sepia tone to give it a vintage feel, while at the same time adding sharpness to her necklace. I added a small touch of brightness and sharpness to her foot as well, to help draw the eye. And just to make them pop out of the background I significantly darkened the trees in a way I could not have gotten away with in color.

Why railroad tracks? I dunno. Seemed like an easy way to work with levels, and it’s a really easy way to have leading lines in your photograph (thought I’m not certain I used them to their best effect here). But mostly I just liked the contradiction of well-dressed people in the middle of nowhere, having no one but themselves to dress nicely for.

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