f/9, 1/40, ISO-100, 50mm

One more shot of the construction equipment before I leave this theme alone for awhile. This is the underside of a large conveyor belt that dumps gravel (presumably the rest of this monstrosity create the gravel to begin with).

I was rather pleased with the colors from this, given the time of day was straight-up noon on a cloudless day, and this area was completely in shadow.  The shadow caused me a bit of an issue though. I didn’t have my tripod with me and I was forced to choose between camera movement or an undesired depth of field. I chose to go with the camera movement (this particular lens doesn’t have IS). I bit of sharpening adjustment in Lightroom took care of much of the blurryness, and goosing the yellows gave the color an additional pop that makes it seem the lighting was a tad more dramatic than it really was.

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