Pic-A-Day: Bad Habit

Bad Habit

f/20, 5.0″, ISO-100, 50mm

Another in my attempt to play along with the daily challenge of Print-Sense Photography‘s daily challenge of photographic subject. July 2nd’s challenge was Bad Habit, and this is certainly mine. I am a total sucker for these things, which is especially bad given that I a) am trying to lose 15 pounds and b) work part time at a movie theatre as a projectionist. I am helpless before these bite size tart candies.

From a photographic perspective, it is of some small note that this is the first photograph I’ve ever take with a light source through a diffuser. Well, a real diffuser anyway, not just a tissue over the pop-up flash. In this case the subject was lit with a florescent trouble light softened with a $15 diffuser screen I picked up the other day.

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  1. Print-Sense Photography & Design July 3, 2012 at 11:17 pm #

    These are a weakness of mine too! Nice pic.

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