Fake Panorama

Fake Panorama

f/4.5, 1/800, ISO-100, 21mm

Here’s an image that is more heavily-edited than I usually attempt. I wanted a panorama shot but for various reasons it wasn’t an option, so I cropped it to make it look like a panorama. I also distorted the heck out of it in post processing to add to the panorama effect. Really though I most like the hazy field across the road and the interesting colors. I did darken the clouds a bit and added a yellow tint to add drama to the sky. I also nudged up the green saturation to give a bit more color to the photo.

My biggest criticism of this image – and it is a significant criticism – is that the horizon splits the photo dead center across the middle. Because I didn’t have a clear enough idea of what I wanted the final result to be when I took the picture, I didn’t compose the image correctly and I’m unable to correct it now in post work. If I bring the horizon down any further, there are leaves in the upper left that just sort of hang from nowhere and are a significant distraction. If I raise the horizon, I lose the drama of the clouds.

Live and learn. No matter what you’re shooting, assume it’s going to be awesome and frame the shot accordingly.

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  1. Cardinal Guzman July 24, 2012 at 10:18 am #

    I agree on the image being split in the middle, which gives it an unfortunate balance. You also should have removed the wire in the upper right corner when you were post-processing.

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