Colored Buds

Colored Buds

f/3.5, 1/160, ISO-800, 20mm

I like the bokeh, but hate the noise. I’d have been much better off in this shot setting the camera to manual. I would have cranked the aperture down to 200 and the shutter speed to 60 or so. The in-focus parts of the photo might not have been quite as sharp, but I think it would have been less distracting than the color noise at the edges of the green/yellow. There are times when it’s advantageous to let the camera do the majority of the adjusting for you, but it’s no substitute for your own know-how. I had a chance for a really nice shot here, and instead I got one that’s OK. To an extent, this is all right, because part of the intent of this photo walk was to get a better impression of what the camera can do. It does what it does pretty well, but I can do better 🙂

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