f/5, 1/200, ISO-320, 205mm

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I took this shot a couple of weeks ago just outside the front door of my office building. The past few days I’ve been posting pictures of curled up leaves and stuff, but I would consider this my first real autumn photograph of the season.

I did quite a bit of post work on this, more than I thought I would need to. The colors were brilliant in the first light of the morning, but there was a distinct haze in the air that really muted the scene, and it took a bit of effort to get the intensity back. I actually touched the contrast slider, which I hardly ever use. I also nudged the luminence and saturation up on the orange and yellow colors, and I deepened the shadows. I added a bit more drama by creating a deeper contrast between the foreground and the trees by pulling a gradient up from the bottom and lowering the exposure. Add a touch of vignette and voila! Haze gone and colors pop.

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