Holiday Couple

Holiday Couple

f/5.6, 1/30, ISO-1600, 49mm

This was taken at my company’s Christmas part over a month ago. I was bitterly disappointed with myself that night. I had decided I did not want to lug around my whole camera bag, so I put my 18-55 mm lens on the camera and left with that and nothing else. It was terribly unsuitable for the conditions. The room was much too dark for a 3.5 aperture, and even at 1600 ISO (my camera’s max) it was difficult to get any photos at all. I really, really needed my 1.8 50mm prime.

I realized my mistake almost immediately, and for a considerable time during the evening I set the camera on a table and refused to carry it, knowing that my photos would be dark and blurry with camera movement. But this charming couple wanted me to take a portrait of them, and I have difficulty with the word “no.” So I smiled bravely and warned them I didn’t have the proper equipment but I would try my best.

Fortunately the couple performed much better as subjects than I was performing as a photographer. I knew from looking at the picture in the LED screen that I had captured something special, assuming that the noise of the high ISO wasn’t too bad, and that the focus was as sharp as it appeared, and a ton of other factors turned out right. I spent quite a bit of time in post-processing for this, softening out the noise and bringing out the colors. I think I achieved something I can be very proud of, despite the conditions and my poor choice of equipment.

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