Senior 6

Senior 6

f/11, 1.200, ISO-400, 36mm, -0.3 Exp Bias, 36mm

I really like the color and angle in this shot, though I needed to take down the flash exposure compensation a bit. Even though it was bouncing off a reflector, her face is a bit washed out and I’m not (so far) skilled enough to adjust the lighting in post work without it looking unnatural. Also, the shadows in this shot are particularly harsh. One could argue that it works as an additional point of drama in this image (like the colors and the perspective) but I suspect that would just be justifying not lighting it properly.

In my defense, this was one of the last shots we took in the morning, and I rushed it a little bit. It was clear I had pretty much taxed my subject’s tolerance of the cold (it was 3 degrees that morning). She wasn’t dressed for it, and she is so petite that she has no natural protection from the cold, as I do. Also, I didn’t position myself back far enough, and I ended with a shot that won’t scale to a standard print-size aspect ratio. Despite all that, there is something – her posture, her expression – that I like and so I present it here to the world.

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