I’m Baaaaack!

I'm Baaaaack!

f/2, 1/60, ISO-100, 50mm

OK, sorry for this blog being all about me, but like I’ve said in other posts, sometimes I’m the only subject available. This is another example of me playing with an off-camera flash. I used a dark blue gel and a diffuser cap on the flash, and another diffuser screen in front of that, and bounced off the ceiling. I like to think that this image looks like an outdoor shot in front of a lake with a big land mass in the background reflecting off the water. In actuality, it’s me sitting on a stool about three feet in front of my living room couch, the same couch I was laying on in the last post. The dark area is a pillow. Again, there’s an open window to the right of me providing a soft brighter light.

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