Rework Wednesday: Streetlight Of The Gods

Streetlight Of The Gods

F/4 2″ ISO-100 75MM

There’s a lot not to like about this one. It’s badly out of focus, the lens was horribly dirty, and it’s over-exposed. Still, this was one of my first photographs with a true DSLR, my very first nighttime shot, and probably the very first to truly spark my imagination and explore the potential of photography beyond point and shoot, so this has a special place in my heart. I am still attracted to the symmetry of the moon and the streetlights.

For this rework, I pasted in a separate shot of the moon I took that same night to give some detail. However even with two years of experience I wasn’t able to get the coloring right on it. Back in the day I was really excited about the orange glow of the image, too much a novice to realize that color is what anyone would get. So this time I dialed way back on the orange and yellow, and also darkened the photo considerable, which helps in a small way to mask the focus problems.

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