Old School

Cheerleader B&W

f/7.1, 1/250, ISO-100, 50mm

Sometimes you  just can’t escape the superior look of black and white, even in (or perhaps especially in) portraiture. In color this isn’t a bad photograph by any means, but I think it really pops in black and white. This was taken mid-morning with the sun blazing overhead and not a cloud in the sky – far from ideal lighting for a portrait. I was able to turn Taylor so she was facing away from the sun, which effectively turned the sun in to a hair light. I lit her face with a gelled strobe and diffuser dome held almost directly even with her eyes, which I think provided more interesting shadows without them being unnatural looking.

I fiddled with this image in color for a long time, and applied a B&W filter almost as an afterthought or experiment. Immediately I saw depth that escaped the color version, and gave it a sort of retro feel without the image-distorting Instagram-type filters. It calls to mind my own ancient high school yearbook.

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