f/7.1, 1/320, ISO-500, 85mm

Here’s a heavily-stylized image I captured during a recent senior portrait session. It wasn’t one of the images my subject chose for a final draft, but I thought it was run and somewhat representative of the desire of many young people to “get out” of so much of their lives. In this case, that sentiment doesn’t seem particularly applicable, however, as he struck me as very much at peace with his life, his friends and his family. Still, it’s a striking image and I couldn’t resist dressing it up in post processing.

To capture the image I justified my new 12′ light stand, extending it fully as he was a good 6 or 7 feet higher (on a bridge) than I was with my camera. I used an umbrella to soften the light and was pleasantly surprised to discover the chain link did not cast shadows across his face. I was perhaps three dozen feet back shooting with my 85mm telephoto prime to minimize the angle from being so much lower.

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