Pushing It

Pushing It

f/2.2, 1/500, ISO-1000, 50mm

A swim meet was my latest self-imposed challenge for me and my intrepid 70D. I discovered a number of interesting things. This particular pool is terribly lit and I had to push the ISO way beyond my normal comfort level in order to get a fast enough shutter speed. I thought about trying to blur the action, but in the end decided to leave that challenge for another day. I also discovered to make sure your equipment is warm before bringing it into such a building. Although thankfully this wasn’t an issue for any of my electronics, when I brought my tripod in from 20 degrees the condensation on it was immediate and impressive. My camera would have been useless and possibly irreversibly damaged had I attempted to use it with the same condensation.

This pool is a small room – just 4 lanes and about 6 feet of walkway around the pool’s edge. Crowded with two swim teams and cheering parents and siblings, it was not easy to find a place to get a good shot. Fortunately the officials were not too particular about where I wandered as long as I wasn’t in the way of the competitors.

This photo is one of my best from the afternoon. It demonstrates the competition, the effort, the muscle tone, and the texture of the water nicely. the colors are nice too. More grainy than I would have liked, but it was impossible to light the scene well under the circumstances.

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