f/3.5, 1/125, ISO-400, 25mm

I don’t often do abstract things like this. I don’t feel I have a very good eye for it, and it may very well be true this time as any other. But I started out the morning in kind of a down mood and needed photography to lift my spirits. I stopped in to a coffee shop for a white chocolate mocha, and snapped just one exposure. I didn’t spend a lot of time setting up, just pointed the lens at a light fixture and part of a picture on the wall, and snapped one time. That’s very unusual for me – I’m one that likes to shoot several times to make sure I get the focus right and the exposure right and the framing right and…. Incidentally, this is a quality of mine that is causing me no end of grief now that I’ve decided to weed through my library of tens of thousands of exposures. Just a word to the wise.

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