The goal of this blog is to record my efforts to learn – in many cases relearn – the art of photography. I will be sharing many of the photographs I’ve taken, sharing what I’ve learned about f-stops and shutters speeds, recording my attempts to learn image-editing software, and who knows what else.

Unless otherwise stated, the photographs on this blog are likely taken with an entry level Canon EOS Rebel XS or Canon EOS 70D body. I have two Canon lenses: the (5omm 1.4 and 85mm 1.8), and two Sigma lenses (17-70 2.8-4.0 and 70-200 2.8). I dream of higher-end equipment, like most photographers I suppose, but I do try to remind myself that fancier bodies and L series lenses may broaden the scope of photographs I am able to take, but they will not make me a better photographer. I have everything I need to improve my skills considerably.

I am specifically requesting suggestions from you, my loyal readers on how I can improve my photography skills. What did I do right with each picture, what could have been improved? Please let me know.