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Blue Turbine

Blue Turbine

f:/9.0. 1/1640, ISO-200, 17mm

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Coffee Flavored


Coffee Flavored

f/3.2, 1/20, ISO-1250, 25mm

The great thing about almost any coffee shop I’ve been to is the abundance of available photographs within its walls. here’s another example. This shop has a colorful coffee roaster as a center piece of the décor, and I initially thought that was the subject of an obvious photograph. but after circling it a few times and not finding an impressive image, I backed up a little bit and saw these simple but lovely flowers, and saw the potential of the roaster as a backdrop rather than the main focus. The image didn’t come out quite as sharp as I would have liked – I had no tripod available. But at 1/20th of a second I am pleased enough for a handheld shot

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Emergency Code

Emergency Code

f/1.8, 1/320, ISO-1000, 85mm

It’s been a rough few months at the VJPhotos household. medical problems with the family have redirected my priorities away from blogging. I haven’t forgotten about this bog or my wonderful readers. But I just haven’t had the time to devote serious attention to this. I’ve also been busy with photography work that is actually paying me a few dollars here and there, but I haven’t really taken photos just for myself in a long, long time.

This is an image I captured during one of my long visiting stays in the hospital a month or so ago, doing my best to comfort the most beloved person in my life. She is improving but it’s a slow road and I keep looking out the window thinking “Maybe when the snow is gone.”

Please bear with me. I’ll be contributing as often as I can. In the meantime, I hope this image inspires viewers to find photographs in the unlikeliest of places.

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The Mechanic

The Mechanic

f/4, 1/125, ISO-100, 25mm

This young man and his father build motorcycles. Lots of them. It was an obvious choice to include this theme in his senior portrait session, but not quite so obvious to me at first how to go about capturing it. The workspace was tight and there was no direct light into the room. A dim florescent light hung from the ceiling but was not going to provide the drama the image needed. It served nicely as a highlight though. I put a 5″ snoot on a Speedlite at about the same elevation as his earlobe and directed it slightly to the right of his face. That served both to not over-expose his face and to provide highlights to his prized motorcycle and the wheel behind him.

In post-processing, I converted the image to black and white and elevated the contrast through several means, being very careful to not make his features too chiseled, while providing a “hardness” to the tools and engine around him. I added a significant amount of grain to the image to add to the feel of grittiness. I wanted to evoke a working garage, not a squeaky-clean senior.

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Against A Wall

Against The Wall

f/6.3, 1/200, ISO-200, 50mm

I had lots of good intentions of taking an extended photo walk this weekend and creating a new backlog of images to post here, but a virus put me down for four straight days. I’m feeling better now, but here’s a little something to let you know I”m still alive. It’s a straight-forward portrait of a local senior you’ve probably seen a time or two elsewhere on this site 🙂

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Dim Romance

Dim Romance

f/5.6, 1/160, ISO-400, 50mm

This is much more heavily stylized than I usually go for but I wanted to try some new things and one of the reasons I enjoy shooting this couple so much is that they let me get away with experimenting on them 🙂

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Rework Wednesday – Windless

Rework Wednesday - Windless

f/13, 1/200, ISO-800, 50mm

This is perhaps the first of my Rework Wednesday series that I’m uncertain is much of an improvement over the original. I added a sepia tone and goosed up the contrast in a couple of different ways, and added a more prominent vignette. My thought was to give the impression that the sun was rising behind the windmill for some added drama (though the direction the camera is facing is straight north). I’ve never been fully convinced I should leave the power lines in but in the end I like the added depth they give to the shot.

This isn’t one of my favorites, but I like this version better than the original.

Rework Wednesday – Windless by Anthony Bopp is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

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Windy Bridge

Windy Bridge

f/3.5, 1/500, ISO-400, 23mm

I’ve been struggling with my ph0tography a bit lately. Partly I haven’t had the time, but mostly I think I’m just disappointed in the weather. It’s still snowing almost weekly here in Iowa as we approach the first of April. I’d scheduled a vacation for Holy Week think I would get pictures of budding flowers and trees. Instead I have brown, and I’m tired of brown.

But the other morning I forced myself to get out and exercise my skills at something, anything, so I went to a colorful bridge I knew of out in the country. I was so uninspired (and cold!) that I only got a couple dozen snaps off before I called it a day. There’s nothing terribly exciting in it, nothing that’s going to make you look at the world in a new way, but here’s the fruits of my minimal labor anyway.

Windy Bridge by Anthony Bopp is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

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f/5.6, 0.8″, ISO-100, 50mm, Flash

For the past several years I’ve worked part time at our local movie theatre as a manager/projectionist, and I’ve posted pictures of the place here before. I did several of them last summer as we were renovating the auditorium and balcony with new seating.

A couple of years ago we replaced the venerable popcorn tub with bags, which are easier to clean up and take up less space in the garbage can, which is ultimately a little cheaper for operation. Recently it came to our attention that patrons still longed for the tubs, and when the decision was made to bring them back, I decided to use my new flash to see if I could do up a promotional image for the event. I was still very new to flash photography, but I had the general idea of the image I wanted. I knew the hard part (for me) would be not getting unwanted shadows. I positioned the three tubs in front of the popper about 6 feet and bounced the flash off a gold reflector to add to the golden glow I wanted to achieve. I also used a very slow shutter speed given that I was using strobe lighting. But the point of the flash wasn’t to light the scene so much as add richness and color to it.

Creative Commons License
Popcorn by Anthony Bopp is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

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f/14, 1/15, ISO-200, -0.3 exp bias, 28mm

There’s an old tractor at my brother-in-law’s farm that I tried desperately to get a good shot of last summer, but the sun was too high in the sky even at 6:15 PM and the shadows simply wouldn’t cooperate. This heavily-cropped image was the best that I could do, but after fiddling with sepia and grain, I arrived at something I was reasonably pleased with.

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