Connect With Visual Journey Photography

You can find me on various places around the web, but most specifically on Snapchat (vjphotos_vinton) and Twitter (@vjphotos), where I tend to be somewhat active. Feel free to friend or follow me!

You won’t find me on Facebook or Instagram. Although I was active on those platforms for years, Facebook’s mismanagement of privacy (not just of my information, but particularly that of my followers) made it untenable for me to continue to have a presence there. Given that many of my posts (particularly on Instagram) concerned public school sporting events and those under 18, it simply isn’t excusable to expose people to the privacy violations those platforms risk. My absence will not inoculate anyone from the risks of these platforms, but I will at least do what I can to make sure their privacy isn’t compromised by my actions.

Also, you can email me at, or simply use the form below: